Hullo there

I’ve been following for a while the Old School Revolution (mediated through tens of blogs) and I feel I have something to share too.
After having gone through various styles of play and systems, from redbox to AD&D to D&D 3E, I landed in 4E land and noticed that, not so strangely, it didn’t really support my style of play.
So after Gygax and Arneson died I concluded my “9 years in the making” d20 Greyhawk campaign (culminated with the reassembly of the Rod of the Seven Parts, the death of Miska and almost a TPK), I went back and pulled out D&D Moldway edition and Empire of the Petal Throne and started appreciating how lightweight rules can provide more than enough structure for my needs, then forced my group to create new PCs.
After some complaints about flimsy characters, some PC deaths and some home rules, we all started to enjoy it much better. 🙂