from the bookshelf: Tumbleclicks

I’m a big fan of choices in games. Possibly rich and meaningful, “real” choices. Choices that can actually force you to change strategy. Going for versatility over reliability for example. As I’m in the process of writing a number of spells to supplement or replace the standard panoplia from B/X, I came up with this to “almost” replace knock, hold portal and the like, as it does almost the same things but, well, takes more time to work, if if works at all. Plus it’s bound to make my cousin really happy, since he’s really really into charme- and compulsion-like spells:

Tumbleclicks – Level 1 MU

Range: self

Casting time: 1 round

Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level

The magic user will be able to speak the forgotten metallic language of locks, clockworks and other metallic mechanical contraptions. This will allow the caster to impart to locks and mechanical devices simple orders such as “lock”, “unlock”, “stop” and the like.

The only problem is that the clicks pronounced must be tuned to a specific device, and the caster has a 1 in 6 chance to finding out the specific intonation for a given device every round. Once the specific tone for a device has been found the magic-user will be able to use it again successfully every time if the spell is active, even during a subsequent casting.

Only a single order can be issued per round.


2 thoughts on “from the bookshelf: Tumbleclicks

  1. This is great! Rather than spell-wise, though, it inspires me with the idea of replacing the headache-generating Thief class with a much cooler quasi-Arcane “Lock Whisperer”.

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