my gaming bag and me

My first memories of a “gaming bag” feature a surplus german black shoulder bag with the three AD&D 2ed core books (bought in Dublin at Virgin Megastore, good times) and nothing else but dice, some paper and pencil. Maybe Dragon #200, as it has nice spells. Being 13 and living in the sprawl north of Milan, I didn’t have much stuff (as there were maybe two game shops within 100 miles). BEC has been bought at the local toy shop over the years, with a strange adventure called “Palace of the Silver Princess”. There are things I still don’t grok in that module, by the way. Sometimes the bag was filled with the three BEC boxes, fitting perfectly, not a millimiter to spare.

Of course later this changed, as you imagine, with more trips to the game shops, paid jobs, more shops opening and closing, conventions, credit cards, ebay, moving to Britain. A big backpack soon took over the bag and allowed me to carry around 8 or 10 d20 hardcovers, plus a campaign notes binder and a bag of dice. I guess most of you know of what i’m taking about. The comforting and plush design aims of the d20 systems were too tempting back then.

Nowadays, I’m back to the black bag, but with just Mosley and BE (withouth CMI, and just for spells and overland travel), the awesome Kellri’s CDDN#4, the same campaign notes binder, same bag of dice, plus another one for players that arrive without kit. And also Carcosa, because work on tinker gadgets is still in progress, and there’s a Cthulhu cleric in the party…

Last bit, a bunch of printouts and home-rules (which are slowly replacing Mosley & Mentzer). I plan to get rid of all the rulebooks, replaced by “our game”: not a correction of what Gygax, Mosley and Mentzer wrote, and not a prescriptive source, but simply a collection of rules and rulings that we found working for us and that we use (so, useful stuff, not stuff put in the handbook just as filler).

Because the 64 pages of Mosley, despite being quite contained and handy, are not what we need. During the game we just need references, not rules. That is, assuming we need something at all. I wonder how will I play in 10 years…

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