new monster: Space-Cephalopod

Yes Master, I’ve met those things already. When we were space-traveling from the Space-Planet to here we had problems with a space-cephalopods assault. They rammed us, breached the space-hull and came in with 8 laser guns each, one in every tentacle…

– Ugub’s Dialogues with Master, volume XVII


HD 3-16, AC 7 [13], Mov 6m, Dm 1d6 or by weapons SA: 8 attacks, grappling SQ: severing tentacles

Space Octopi are a race of star-faring octopi from a planet far far away. Over the ages they adapted well to lack of water, gravity and oxygen and manage to act normally without air for a couple of hours and without bathing for a week.

They can wield a one-handed weapon in each tentacle (two tentacles for a two handed weapon, three for a polearm), but can’t charge or run.

Tentacles can attack to grapple, dealing no damage but holding the victim in place, giving an AC negative modifier of 1 for every tentacle to the victim.

It’s possible to aim at tentacles, which can suffer up to 1 damage per HD before being unusable until the damage heals. Damage dealt to tentacles is not applied to the octopus HPs. The speed is capped to the number of usable tentacles.

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