Red Box Class: Berserker

A while ago I was randomly browsing Moldway monsters when I noticed that the berserker entry could be a totally sweet player class. That additional +2 to hit against humanoids is really sweet for low level characters.

A totally sweet class for players that don’t mind having their characters dying often. Very often.

As bersekers don’t run away from a fight.

Don’t take prisoners.

Always fight to the death.

And use light armours: maybe because they’re just wanderers and metal armours need maintenance, maybe because less encumbrance makes easier to charge your enemies as they’re fleeying from you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

That’s most of my players, by the way. Because we all want different things from D&D, and at times being amongst the meanest, badassest and heavy fucking metal dudes around is what you are looking for.

And then your character dies. Berserkers are not supposed to be balanced, but neither are supposed to survive much. The hit bonuses are going to be less interesting at high levels, but the penalties will always hurt.


Berserkers are people that in combat hppen to flip out and stop killing when there’s no enemy left standing. Sometimes they keep on with their maiming around even after after that.

To hit roll, saving throws, weapon allowed, multiple attacks: as fighting men.

Hit dice: 1d10, +3/lvl after level 9

Armors allowed: just leather and padded armours (and linothorax if available). Shield usable. Dragon skin armours usable.

Special abilities:

WHAAAG! (think about your vanilla black metal singer growling a battlecry): once they start fighing, if there’s an enemy in sight, they’ll do their best to kill/maim/disable all of them. They never surreder, fail a morale roll, are immune to fear, and so on.

BLOOOD! (same as above): +2 to hit rolls against humans and human like creatures.

GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG! (once more with feeling): +2 to hit rolls against giants, dragons, sea monsters, titans, gods, demigods and other badass monsters.

This is just a labour of love for my players. Don’t complain to me if you alow this class and your campaign world dies chocking in a nightmarish maestrom of pillage, massacre and rape.