Whitebox in the mailbox

Wednesday afternoon I found in the mailbox a box from Brave Halfling which contained (ok, no big surprise here) Sword & Wizardry Whitebox Boxed Set.

First thing I notice is that the bottom part of the box needs to be taped as it’s quite flimsy and I broke through it already. Oh well, I’m not that bothered. The (always very polite and helpful) manufacturer excused about this and assured me they fixed the problem for the next run.

Then I actually opened the box to find, well, the twee booklets I was expecting, with solid, if sparse and at times a bit too old stylish for my tastes, b/w art. And a dice set… I’d have preferred just a bunch of d20s and D6s, as the system uses just these. And nice and clean character sheets with a design that seems to have been iterated over a few times, because it looks sensible. The content is very close to the old PDF I printed and punched to add to my campaign notes A5 four-rings binder months ago.

Which kinda begs the question: why not just print the PDF?

Well, the physical edition is pretty, split in different handy booklets, it comes in a box (with plenty of space left for other digest or A5 sized booklets), with dice, all nicely printed with cute covers and with nice character sheets. It’s a game that makes me want to play now.

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