fun was had

A few highlights of last sunday’s game.

  • we used ZZARCHOV’s initative rule instead of the usual “declare and roll”. Strongly recommended.
  • a scouting party was sent out to investigate the road to the tower bridge they wanted to cross. I almost cried tears of joy. Said party fails to realize that the tower is occupied by an Evil Mage.
  • a fireball aimed at the party wipes out 25 people (all the followers, mercenaries and companions except one), all the mounts and mules. This happens before the fighting starts; the other 6 characters either survive the blast and break after a failed morale save or were a distant from the blast. Plinking FTW!
  • the party cleric (an hulking adept of Cthulhu in plate armour, played by Riccardo) casts Silence on himself, grabs the resident Evil Mage and uses it as a bobsled down the tower stairs. Ouch. The mage pulls out his dagger of life stealing and hits the cleric. Ouch. Riccardo goes “Now I’m really pissed off“.
  • the party berserker (by himself), under attack from 6 crossbowmen shooting from arrow slits, bashes down the entrance door, slays all of them, goes upstairs, sucks up a fire trap spell opening a door to the main room of the tower and picks a fight against 5 doppelsöldners. After getting painfully gutted in the process, is left dying on the floor. The player (Mattia) used the word “badass” every phrase while doing all the above. It looked like the offspring of the forbidden love between the Python’s Sir Lancelot and a combine harvester Vs the smurfs. But the smurfs always win at the end, especially if in plate armours and armed with two handed swords.
  • Due to dumb luck rolling on the death table, the berserker wakes up a turn later and quaffs a healing potion, only to meet the boss doppelsöldner, ending up on the floor again. Only to get lucky on the table again later.
  • The Most Important Thing happened: plenty of fun was had even if some PCs died, levels were lost and so on.

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