Fight On! #9 is out! and about! the Mob!

At last the new Fight On! #9 is out and all is well. I’m also very happy because a little contribution of mine is actually in the issue: an edited version of my 1d6-thieving rules. Ok, I’ll stop gloating right now (maybe in a minute), but I’m quite satisfied with my little skill system. It makes me want to play a thief. 🙂

Beside that, I have three more posts to make on the topic: one on guilds, one of more skills (featuring poisoncraft, diplomacy/bluff/fast-talk and other stuff) and one on organized crime. This last topic would be awesome gaming material if it weren’t for the fact that, being some kind of self-exiled Italian, it’s terribly depressing to write about it. Sure, RPGs feature violence, murder and dismemberment prominently (often on the cover), and despite having used hobgoblin faux-nazists in the past and tons of torture (but never “in your face”) and ethnic cleansing and refugees and racism and lots of other “adult” topics, organized crime is for me still a sore topic in games. Usually there’s a thieves guild somewhere, and gangfights are cool, but it never really the focus of the action. As I’m playing an elf Gangs of Marienburg for WHFRP 1st edition, the most depressing thing about the setting is how everybody is corrupt or corruptible and crime is almost everywhere. I’ve feel tempted a lot of times to just leave Fake-Amsterdam and go to living in the countryside. But that’s WHFRP main thematic, I guess.

Actually the last time organized crime featured in a game of mine we still played AD&D, so that must have been 1999 or early 2000. That’s 10 years ago. It’s gonna be hard.