furniture vs 20 years of RPGs

Due to my fake sabbatical I’m emptying the Swiss flat I live in to bring all my stuff to my parents’ basement (my old bedroom; let’s talk about stereotypes).

I decided to start with RPGs: after unloading two boxes full of hardcovers the urge to rearrange my collection was too strong to be ignored. Shame about 6 meters worth of handbooks was a complete mess. Will take me a while… and I hope the furniture will cope. I broke a shelf already.

But I made a few discoveries:

  • I found a binder full of characters for AD&D 2nd edition. Most of them are mine, around 7-10th level. I played way more than I thought. In addition to that, few characters for Cyberpunk, WHFRP and a long ton of them for Tunnels & Trolls.
  • The character sheets for Red Talorian (my BECMI MU23) and Kalanth the Black (his superhero follower)  are still lost, but I found Talorian’s spell list. Not the final revision tho. I can’t remember a few of the spells noted on it tho: Star of Orient? Flesh to Ashes? Truly lost knowledge.
  • I found some handbooks I don’t even remember having. Mostly d20 stuff. Mostly forgettable.
  • For some reason OD&D, B/X, BECMI, AD&D and AD&D 2nd register as the same game to me. Probably because they’re 99% “binary” compatible, as in “I’ll just yoink something from this, that and these and it will work with no adaptation”. d20 is a different beast. It breaks my game.
  • A stash of Miguel Angel Martin comics was hidden behind the handbooks. I love the author, used to buy plenty of stuff from him when I was 20.
  • Plenty of deadtree pr0n was also found: deadtree pr0n is soooo last century.

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