A bunch of new players, a single new game. Possibly…

After a longish hiatus here I am, a thousand miles away from last post, writing soon-to-be lost papers again.

Anyway, I’m about to start running games for a number of players, having diverse qualities:
Some of them are expert players, a few of which have played with me. Some other never played D&D or haven’t played in years. Some strong affiliations exists between the bunch, of the friendy, political or romantic kind. Oftentimes all of them combined.
Most importantly, none of them attended the Old School. Which might not be a problem as they’re either willing to try or completely unexposed to any idea of how RPGs are meant to be enjoyed.
My first thought was to take the campaign I ramble about now and then on this very blog and continue it, turning old PCs of note into NPCs and, well, capitalize on existing work. Another option would be to start with a new, better design for the campaign, developing earlier a multi-plot system and not waiting for when players are done with early dungeoneering, when they realize that actually the “outside world” has good opportunities to grab fame and fortune too, some of which don’t involve a particularly gruesome death.
Anyway, given a so diverse bunch of players means having to cater to diverse needs, but I’d really like to have an “open table” where anyone can turn up, be welcome and have fun.
I’m about to go to Oban and Kerrara for a few days… let’s see if Western Scotland is good for inspiration 😉

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