It’s About Time

Yes, it’s about time: I haven’t posted in a while. Like 8 weeks.

Yes, it’s about time: time I don’t have for either gaming or blogging. I haven’t played D&D in more than two months, since before I moved; gaming has been limited to 4 Civilization 4 games, some Fluxx and Command & control. The campaign I wanted to start never materialized due to lack lack of interest from players, mostly with the reason “D&D is boring/nerdy/uninteresting”.

Yes, it’s about time: the last two months have been a bit rough with my s/o, and we just recently started to eagerly mend.

Two months lost?  The point is that I’m really busy and I’m writing, reading and reviewing a lot, and often with scarce focus; I always found writing really effortful, my mind often wandering, focus being lost, paragraphs rewritten 10 times, never settling on form, always finishing right before the deadline, forever running.

But yeah, the point is that I’m hanging out with mighty fine friends that are not that bothered about playing D&D. And I stopped caring about it, because I just like things the way they are.

Not that I’m going to stop writing and running games, mind you, but I have more important things to do with my time at the moment. So games got taken off the back-burner, left on the table a bit and then put it in the freezer.

Which is kinda a shame as my “secret project-type thing” started to take a physical form.


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