Map links: Towns & Dyson

Not feeling like writing much these days, but I though you could enjoy these mapsy links too:

3 thoughts on “Map links: Towns & Dyson

  1. Overall, the treasure means that a party of 4-5 characters will hit level 6 when the dungeon is done if they start at level 1. Which means the treasure is a bit heavy overall, compared to the number of encounters, in order to allow the party to level up at the appropriate speed for the adventure (ie: so I could increase the power of the baddies as the levels progress).

    • Oh, sure, I do agree completely with your answer. 🙂
      My concern was just that at level 1 it’s hard to get enough treasure to gain a level, which makes mortality higher as first-level characters will have to delve at level 2. Which I know it’s fine 🙂 , but a death or two might “waste xp” and leave the characters behind the power curve during the first, critical levels. Which might not be a problem, after all 😉

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