Random findings due to sleep deprivation

Today (actually, yesterday, WP crapped out last night and the post didn’t get published) I was coming back home on the bus and was feeling terribly tired, so instead of walking the 15 minutes that separate the closest bus stop of the line I was on I took another bus to get next block to my flat.

So I jump on the second bus, check with the driver route details and have a sit. Immediately I realize that actually I mentioned the wrong street, so I just jump off at the next stop and resolve not to fuck up anymore with public transport but just walk home.

On the way I stopped at a charity shop to see if they had some nice cheap boardgames. Zilch.

The next charity shop: an Oxfam I never noticed before. I got in, browsed the wares, let out a powerful and resounding “squee :3”, forked over 16£ to the friendly shopkeeper, left with a some books under my arm.

Here are the books:

Oh well. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Random findings due to sleep deprivation

  1. Hey, there’s some good stuff there – and some of it is now heading into collector’s item territory. I wish I still had my AD&D DMG, but was persuaded to get rid of it when my campaigns went to 2nd Ed. I still have the original Deities & Demigods (with the pantheons that were later removed for copyright/licencing reasons) and refer to it regularly!

    • Sadly my Deities and Demigods is the lame edition. Which never got used, ever. I remember using Legends & Lore quite often tho, back when I played AD&D2.

      But yeah, am quite happy about the find. Well, I just got really lucky 🙂

      Next time it will be the little brown box, hopefully full 😉

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