OSR Conservation Project

Apparently my proposal for an OSR conservation project found some interested people out there.

People that actually publish stuff and know or are interested to know how to license products properly.

After May 20th (and my last exam this semester) I’ll start working on a permanent, resilient, free, legally sound online library to make available free OSR products forever.

A second stage in the library evolution will be more focused on indexing and tagging the material and make it searchable.

If you have advices on an existing technical solution or component, please comment below. Unless a turnkey solution is already available and deployed somewhere I’ll provide the initial infrastructure.


We need:

  1. legal advice: the SRD is not easily combined with other licenses. We probably need both a license to cover redistribution and some criteria to decide if a products needs the SRD to be distributed or if can be covered by just CC BY-NC-SA or similar. Help from a professional would be extremely helpful. This needs to be done ASAP so that publishers can license products appropriately.
  2. licensed products from publishers: if you make available a free OSR PDF, be sure to send it to us and license it properly. This might mean adding the SRD or other applicable licence, and most probably supplying us with a redistribution license.
  3. awareness: if you have a blog, please spread the word.
  4. advices are always welcome! 🙂

If you want to contact us, just plop a mail at osrconservation (@) gmail (.) com