Free PDF – Transcription of the Lost Pages: Supplemental Rules

I put together most of the crunchy bits (included my Monster Generator) from this blog in a PDF.

Get it here: Transcription of the Lost Pages: Volume 1 – Supplemental Rules

NOTE: a few errors caused by encoding have been fixed. Please if you find more comment or send me an email. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Free PDF – Transcription of the Lost Pages: Supplemental Rules

  1. I’m curious as to why the dislike of the OGL? To me it is a step better than the CC licenses as it allows your work to be used in commercial products with credit whereas almost everyone using the CC license uses the sharealike license, which prohibits such use. Further, the OGL allows people who are writing OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, Dark Dungeons or Swords and Wizardry material to use some of your ideas in their material, whereas using another license would actively prevent that (as you can’t multi-license the game material under the OGL).

    • Dyson: the Ogl limits my licensing capabilities. I declared all the content product identity anyway :p but I’m really willing to offer the same stuff with other licences. Except the generator, as the table is tainted beinv a possibly derivative product.
      C: oh, you’re welcome. I think its just in the spirit of the OSR to release stuff like this. I used latex and a crappy template as i found out i don’t have any desktop publishing softwwre installed on my laptop. Any advices for sometbing cheap or free for win or preferably osx? 🙂

    • Oh, thanks. I think it’s an OSR custom that we all should honour. 🙂

      I’ll upload a corrected version soon. I caught a few typos, plus porting the thing to Latex proved less seamless than expected. All minuses and apostrophes are missing, for example 😦

  2. I did my Geodesic Gnomes RPG using just plain old Open Office. The layout turned out pretty solid.

    • After years of pains and suffering I got seriously allergic to word processors for anything longer than a few pages. I mostly do academic writing now and, well, Latex is reliable and does what’s been told. 🙂

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