OSR Conservation Process: first steps

Thanks to a linkon the OD&D Discussion Board I found, unbelievably, another RPG conservation project: PlaGMaDA.

PlaGMaDA focuses on maps, handouts and “manuscripts and drawings created to communicate a shared imaginative space”.

PlaGMaDa, in addition to be run by a very nice guy (Tim Hutchings is a total dude) that is answering to my nagging questions about the OSRCP and let me test Gallery to see if it’s fit, is also a huge repository for ready-made maps and house rules. Which is great in case you need some stuff for your game.

Anyway, yes, I’m most probably going to use Gallery to host OSRCP: there is just a couple of requirements I need to verify before starting to set up the infrastructure and to nag people to start uploading/licencing material. Unless you have better suggestions, of course (please comment).