Quick map: Dwaven Outpost

Well, the the title of the post says it all: I was sitting all bored at the university occupation/squat and started doodling maps. I just had the stuff out and decided to share. Not as cool as Dyson’s but you might be interested. Also I don’t have fancy photoshops skillz as it’s early in the morning so image quality is teh suck.

Dwarven Outpost is meant to be a small dwarven/drow/trollish/duergar/svartalfar outpost/colony/sublevel.

Entrance is from the east, leads to a room with arrowslits and a trapped, locked door, then to a short corridor blocked by a portcullis. Pit traps before and after portcullis, then another trapped, locked door. It opens on the guardpost with annexed guard room on the west. Forges on the south, temple west, library northeast, workshops and living quarters north, with private rooms clustering around workshops. Northwest is supposed to be some kind of military highquarter, with stairs downwards to cisterns and underground river. Plenty of secret doors allow extensive freedom of movement and deep-strike ability in case of siege.

Strategic note: in case your players want to go rampage on the occupiers and invade try to leave a front less protected, letting some weak isolated defenders fall back, then surround the attacker via secret passages or other means. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it’s always great fun trying to outmaneuver anyone with steel-clad dwarves.

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