A Fantasy Game: Free Prerelease!

Last week I announced a new OSR non-retroclone fantasy game: AFG.

You can download a partial draft here covering a part of the core rules.

I’ve been playtesting it for a few months now with two bunches of players, so it’s far from being perfect. I’d like more feedback before working on it more (please be cruel and relentless) and releasing a final version, either on POD or using my FLPS (friendly local print shop).

Well, enjoy. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Fantasy Game: Free Prerelease!

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  2. I like it so far – had a go rolling up characters and did some combat. The maths involved was fine, simple division and rounding, once you work out the modifier you’re working with combat was straightforward. Char Gen is fine, I really like the multiclassing rules, and task resolution makes sense – you have to do something to get better at it. I do like the simplicity of the combat sequence for new players…and you’re right, it is BRUTAL.

    • Thanks for trying AFG Sean! 🙂
      Task resolution was mostly designed by Sham (google for “Art of Delving”) and is extremely strong.

      Combat was designed from the start to be a horrible thing to everybody involved: the rules are build that way to maximize the damage dealt per round, avoiding the fastidious “i miss, you miss” dances. Ok, two heavies with sword and board can take a while to kill each other, but they can be dealt with in other ways: the movement rules re not detailed yet, but heavy armours effectively take away the opportunity to run away, which happens oh so very often in my campaigns.

      Initiative was suggested by Morrice early in the process, and I think he was in turn inspired by Stafford’s Pendragon but, to be honest, it’s like this to add interesting choices and depth to combat, in turn influencing heavily character growth and armour worn.

      Well, let me know if you have some negative feedback too! 😀

    • Level 6, which is halfway through the end of the “prototypical” AFG campaign (playing Dyson Delve). More on that when I bother to type up the advancement rules cum campaign setting development chapter. Yep, the chapter covers both. 🙂

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