Fear and Writing Games, plus a spell

My OSR Fantasy Hearthbreaker is near completion. The problem is that as I write the number of topics I think I should cover grows and grows. Where’s the Devotion & Religion chapter? And am I being too lazy providing spells for only the first 6 levels of the game? Maybe I should add an introductory adventure. The shopping list is too short. It needs rules to teach apprentices. What about coming up with new fighting techniques? And are six magic genres enough? Should I coalesce Divination and Mentalism? Should I add more special abilities to the Monster Generator? Is the Setting Development chapter usable and understandable, but even if it is am I doing the right thing not providing an example worked out?

This got really uncomfortable, to the point where I found myself paralyzed and unable to continue. I don’t want to release a 200 page handbook next year, I want a 64 pages handbook this spring.

The feature creep is caused by fear.

Fear of writing the hard bits, those that are not really covered by other games, the unfamiliar territory. Those that might make you ridicule in front of people, the bits you haven’t playtested enough or that you tested too much. Things that might be too brave, or not brave enough.

Enough with the navel-gazing and enjoy the due Joesky tax payment, which speaks more about AFG than many other things I could possibly write.

Mark of the Beast

Level: 1. Range: touch. Casting time: 1 turn. Duration: until next dawn.

The Caster traces on the subject’s forehead the mark of a Demon God (a mystical sigil specific to each Demon God), which will appear glowing in a dark, purplish light. Undead, demons and creatures of evil will recognize the subject as a thrall of the Demon God and must succeed a stubborness save in order to being able to harm or impede the subject at all unless the subject harms them first. If the subject is currently in favour with the specific Demon God no save is allowed. Usually a grimoire covers details of at least one specific mark, so to learn other marks more grimoires must be sourced.