a parcel full of AFG

The first batch of AFG copies arrived today, sporting a colourful but temporary cover and a full set of new stuff like character creation, two combat systems, various advancement systems, achievements, spells, Holdings and MONSTROTRON, my new and revised monster generator. It’s completely cleric- and experience points-free, but still compatible with most of your OSR swag. AFG will be available in PDF, Kindle and A5 Deadtree version later on this spring. Preliminary talks with artists are promising toward showing pretty pictures both inside and on the covers.

In the works, to be released any time soon (in the next weeks), the first AFG hexcrawl mini-campaign setting: Castles on the Hills, Dungeons Beneath will feature castles, dungeons and an inordinate amount of pillage and is meant to be an introduction to AFG and adventure gaming. I’ll try to be bold and experiment with the format: it’s going to be split in a free downloadable players’ introduction to both AFG and the campaign and a Referee section coming bundled in PDF and deadtree-in-your-mailbox for a handful of dollars.