3D dungeons & graph paper

3D Dungeon maps are AWESOME. Warren at War in a Box saw the 3d map, the One Page Dungeon, the tutorial and decided to further promote messing up with players’ attempts at mapping and exploration. He created some 3d dungeon graph papers that
are very, very interesting. If you people though need something a bit more generic you can download isomorphic graph paper simply by googling it. A solid one comes from Incompetech and is free.

2 thoughts on “3D dungeons & graph paper

  1. Hex paper is also basically the same thing with fewer intersecting lines. So if you already have a bunch of hex paper for doing wilderness and outdoor mapping, you can just re-use that, too. Been doing it for years. 🙂

    • Usually hexes are printed with a thickish line, while you want the graph paper line to be lighter. But otherwise, sure, why not! 🙂

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