AFG Preview: Spell Research, Transcription and Printing Press

Today it’s editing time here at the Lost Flat of yours truly, mostly spent fixing small bits and bobs and the horrible horribleness that was the Fighting Capability section, then adding items to the shopping list, writing up the Innumerable Demon Gods for the Divinity chapter and cleaning up the section concerning spell research, grimoires and transcription.

Then I decided that, damn, if I didn’t include a section on stating that introducing the printing press in a fantasy setting will upset mages and guild members everywhere I’d feel the worst possible typography nerd ever. So I wrote it and to be honest it’s shocking to realize that the RPG industry can’t cope with the idea of printing spellbooks in game and that in forty years nobody tried to push the boundary with something as simple as this. Then I realized that the RPG industry is dying like it’s going out of season. So it’s here for you to read and bravely go forward destroying the social equilibrium of your fantasy campaign world.

Oh, yes, the preview also has spell research rules usable with any Old School RPG; just remember that a spell level in AFG corresponds to roughly twice the level of the same spell in Old School games. I’ve been using it for the past 15 years in three-four different RPGs with minimal changes and it works fine. Oh, did I mention that AFG comes with more than 80 new, non-SRD spells? And I had to include the Flammarion engraving with the spell research rules because I know it’s a cliche but this is my only occasion to use it, ever. And it’s lovely and loaded with symbolism.

Spell research preview: download, print, enjoy.

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