Quick post: AFG Progress, Orders Open

AFG is going through its last production phases.

Here’s a little status report:

  • The transcription and playtest of the adventure “The Volcano and the Temple Beneath” is almost done.
  • Several awesome things happened during playtest sessions.
  • Volcano + cefalopods + cannibals + terrorbugs + jökulhaups = WIN
  • The book is now longer than my research thesis on both counts of words and pages. It will probably grow enough to justify perfect binding instead of staple.
  • People are reading the last draft and giving feedback. They like what they read. This is good.
  • I stopped tweaking the price lists because enough research on medieval economics and prices and baking is enough. The price list is now DONE, the Game Police will not wake me up and arrest me tonight because of inadequate price lists.

What’s left?

  • Go maniacally through the printed proof and see if there’s something even slightly off.
  • Ask another GM to playtest the adventure for me.
  • Make sure that the distributor and my FLGS will actually carry it.

Things are real now.


By the way if you want the Digital release of AFG, inclusive of the current PDF, the final PDF and LaTeX source code for the book with all the future updates for free, email me at tsojcanth+afg AT  gmail using the email linked to your Paypal account; you’ll son receive a 4.50£ Paypal invoice. The digital version also gives you a 4.50£ discount for the Print+Digital bundle (which is expected to cost you 12£+s/h), making it free if you plan to get the hardcopy version anyway.

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