AFG Manuscript: Writeup completed!

Summer is great. Not for the reasons you might expect though.

I got up at 5 this morning, because the evil daystar decided that it would be totally rad to shine through my north-facing bedroom window straight on my sleeping face.

Summer is great.

Anyway, work on AFG continues, despite the improbably bright evenings and morning. As the title says I’m done with the “writing” stage: the text is complete. Mind you that the rest of the book went already through proofreading  and revision twice (by   native English speakers with better spelling and grammar than mine); the adventure in the back of the handbook is a late addition and needs polishing; two more rounds of proofreading, revision and then off to the printer the 13th of June, then ship the hardcopies the 16th; this gives us enough slack to actually still have plenty of things going wrong and still ship the copies in spring.

It features cannibals, terrorscarabs, a marginally active volcano, glaciers, a giant or two, hexcrawling and many corpses. And what Gary should have put in the Underdark had he been not obsessed with black elven chicks in chainmail bikini. I’m not sure how, starting from a simple custom area generator I ended up with Blobblibl, Fallen Squid Templar of Cthulhu. But he’s awesome. He also wears an ecclesiastical tiara. Those that bought AFG will receive an email shortly.

Tomorrow I’ll go and have a chat with my local printer and the third FLGS of the area to finalize the last money- and time-details (yes, three stores will carry it, I cant believe it either). The final price for the Print+Digital+Source Bundle is going to be 12£ plus 3£ for shipping, while the Digital+Source Bundle is 4.50£ and gives you a 4.50£ discount for the Print version.

If you want to order a copy either send an email at tsojcanth+AFG at gmail dot whatever stating your Paypal account, version wanted and, if needed, delivery address, or just send me the correct amount of money together with the details. Both version gets you unlimited PDF and Source updates forever, because bugs need to be fixed.

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