Download: AFG character generation rules, well, the whole of the first chapter actually

UPDATE: the link below is to the unedited first chapter in its final version. The new version will be uploaded soon is finally here.

AFG character creation is built to make players hit the road in minutes.

The checklist goes:

  1. Have you rolled 3d6 for each stat?
  2. Have you picked a Way: Caster or Fighter?
  3. Have you rolled your hits according to the character’s Way? What about Mana?
  4. Have your rolled your random equipment?
  5. For Fighters: have you picked your weapon of choice?
  6. For Casters: have you discussed your starting spells with the Referee?
  7. Are all the above written on your character sheet?

And that’s pretty much it. And people asked me if they can make handouts and the like and, well, yes, of course you can, third-party support material is 100% awesome. And if you want to send them here I’ll put them in the AFG site (which will go live soon).

Download the first chapter of AFG in a PDF file (not the latest revision, download to be updated soon), covering character creation and Ways rules (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA).

2 thoughts on “Download: AFG character generation rules, well, the whole of the first chapter actually

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