Moving, Flu, Editing, Layout and Proof

I went through all the titular experiences in the past 10 days or so. On top the new flat doesn’t have an internet connection, so my Internet presence is minimal.

The AFG proof is being printed right now. The softcover will be printed on A4, 100gsm paper and perfect-bound. I expected to have it staple bound but the new printer prefers perfect binding for 60 pages and up.

Another very welcome bit of news is that “The Temple Beneath the Harga Volcano”, the sandbox-adventure at the back of the manual, will sport a colour map in an otherwise black and white book. The local printer shop is awesome.

In the meantime my local AFG group swelled up to 8 people. While I think big groups are awesome, some of my players want more of my attention, so from this week I’ll start running two weekly games. One in my flat and the other, every Saturday night, at Spellbound Games, just off Victoria road, Glasgow. The latter is a drop-in, everybody-is-welcome game, and is great fun.

By the way, this Saturday is Free RPG Day. I’ll be at Spellbound Games from 2PM running AFG until I drop dead from caffeine overdose or the Cthulhu Idol is recovered from beneath the Harga Volcano. Drop by and join us! 🙂

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