Quick Update: London, CORSICA, Engineers, Adventure Sailing Game

[Post written from Cafe Floris in South Kensington, London, on a tiny screen, so expect lack of links and bad spelling]
I took some days off, combined them with a company trip to London and Suffolk and it’s all a bit crazy. London is a strange place. If it was a setting you’d think that the authors did an awful job because it’s so heterogeneous that it almost seems fake. On the other hand if you ever felt like writing a  citycentric setting London is a good baseline. Plus it’s full of underground tunnels with those lightning powered trains.
And Canary Wharf is as cyberpunk as you can get, especially the Jubilee tube station. Security in there is private, you get abused if you take pictures for too long and it feels completely artificial. Knowing that the place abunds in people that gamble with the world economy and that one day might make us jobless and homeless to receive a bonus is also very unsettling. To remain in theme the adjacent neighborhood is one of the poorest in Britain.
I’ll leave England today to go to Milan, chillax, see parents and friends, eat pizza and play boardgames at the local gaming society. Hopefully I’ll also get some writing done, or at least transcribe what I’ve scribbled on my notepad here. The list include: an Engineer class for AFG, the archipelago generation rules for Adventure Sailing Game, material for CORSICA and my article for Burgs& Bailiffs. The article is about food surplus and why it’s important for your campaign, especially at a domain level.

Well, that’s the plan. I might end up playing Netrunner all week with my cousin.