Western League – Lake End Map

If you follow me on Google Plus you might have noticed some hand-drawn maps of a town.

Lake End is the starting town of my Western League campaign. All post-2008 campaigns in the Six Cities Settings have started from here, while before they started from Unis, an independent trading city a few hundred miles due south. Years of adventures made this little town more and more detailed, but all the previous mapping attempts have been functional but horrible to look at and ultimately forgettable.

The map was drawn with a 0.5mm rotring pen on lined paper. Lines help a lot for architectural-y axonometry drawing if you keep the rules vertical. In caser you wonder, they can be ‘shopped out easily.

I’m not an artist and I’m pants at drawing, so it’s far from being good. But since people asked me to share it, it’s here for grabs.

The coastline and hinterland are not finished because, well, you might want to place the town somewhere else without a really productive and chaotic lumber and woodworking industry.

As (almost) always, it’s licenced with a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

2 thoughts on “Western League – Lake End Map

  1. Nice work!
    Of course I want to put it on the secret lake Geneva that you can’t see on google maps because some conspiracy has but the fictional town of Corte there instead.

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