Way of Tinkering. Engineer: a new class for AFG and other Old School Games

With many thanks to Reynaldo for his Magitek Engineer. My Engineer, written for Adventure Fantasy Game, owes a lot to his. The Engineering rolls are regulated by the 5MORE system.

The Way of Tinkering

Characters who embark in the Way of the Tinkering are known as Engineers. The Way of Tinkering focuses training and growth on building, maintenance and sabotage of machinery and other artefacts. Engineers can be architects, ship-builders, military engineers, machinists, bridge-builders and sappers. Engineers roll 1d6 to determine Hits for each level gained in the Way of Tinkering, receive training in using light and medium armours but not shields.

Technical Knacks

Every Engineer has a knack for something specific. It might be extremely accurate craftmanship and design, an eye for detail or the boldness to try extremely silly solutions. An Engineer picks a Knack at level 1, then another at level 4, 7 and so on. Knacks can be used a limited number of times a day: each Engineer has 1 Rig point per Engineer level, plus 1 for high Craft. Each Knack use spends one Rig point. Engineers recover all Rig points at sunset, enabling them to pull all-nighters as needed. A list of knacks follows:

Jury-rig: Broken things can be fixed. Anything else can be improved. Spending 1 Rig point you can attempt an Engineering roll every round/turn/hour/day (depending on artefact complexity) to either improve its performance for 1d6 rounds/turns/hours/days or fix it for 1d6 turns/hours/days/weeks. The Referee will improv like a boss and relate the consequences of your mad skills.

Good Job: You are careful, thoughtful and methodic. Double redundancy might not satisfy you, you double and triple check everything all the times. When you roll an Engineering roll you can spend additional Rig points and add them to your roll (+3 per Rig point if the Engineering check is done with a d20). Decide the number of points to be spent before rolling.

Quick Hack: You have your way with devices. A coupole of soft spoken words, a sharp but precise mallet hit and a twiddling of the swabulator make artefacts behave the way you want. They might fail afterwards, but at that point it might not be a problem. After spending a Rig point and expressing what you want the artefact to do, you can start hacking a device and attempt an Engineering roll every round/turn/hour/day (depending on artefact complexity). Once the roll is successful you can alter the behaviour of the artefact, making it operate in spurious ways.  The Referee will artfully describe how and what exactly the artefact behaves. After 1d6 rounds/turns/hours/days (depending on failure mode) the artefact will completely stop working unless it saves successfully.

Gadgets: You have gadgets. They are cool swag that make you happier and your life easier. Like a wall-drilling crossbow bolt, a portable hamster-powered ice-cream maker or an automated, wire-controlled slinky. To build a gadget spend a day tinkering with your bag of tools and components and get a 5MORE in Engineering: on a successful roll the Referee will either confirm the gadget creation or relate that the design is too ambitious. You can maintain a number of gadgets equal to your Engineer level + 1 before they’re so unmaintained they become useless. Each gadget activation costs 1 rig point.

Review: You are able to find a weak spot of an artefact. You can attempt an Engineering roll every round/turn/hour/day (depending on artefact complexity) to find a design or implementation fault in the artefact and understand how to exploit it.

Coffee, Tea and other Stimulants

Having a coffee, tea or other stimulants revs up Engineers, but abusing stimulants might be counterproductive. When you use stimulants, roll a Coffee Save with a -1 for each three stimulants you had in the past 24 hours (if using a d20 for saves, roll against Poison or Toughness applying -1 for each stimulant instead). If successful, recover 1 Rig point, but recover 1 rig point less at the next sunset.

4 thoughts on “Way of Tinkering. Engineer: a new class for AFG and other Old School Games

    • That would be fine if engineers were restricted to only tinker with machinery. Which is not the case, as the followup article will soon show 🙂

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