brütal göry fäntasy rölpunk!!! new release: One Page WHFRP Simulacra, Posh Edition

Brütal Göry Fäntasy Rölpunk!!! is a simulacrum of WHFRP wrote entirely by yours truly on Scottish public transport. It’s how it’s meant to be played. It’s free.

And by “free” I mean “free as in there’s no Game Fuckin’ Police telling you how to enjoy it, so if you can’t read some of it just make shit up”. It’s also free as in beer, admittedly the second best kind of free [*].

This time around I even used a scanner instead of a crappy camera phone. For a truer experience you can download the Original Edition or, if that’s too working class for you, get one from here or here (lower resolution).

[*]: except for beer, where it’s the best kind of free.