Burgs & Bailiffs: Grimness in Process

Work on Burgs & Bailiffs continues. Typesetting is done and the articles has been sent around for what passes as peer review. It’s not peer review, but I’d rather have more negative feedback on those articles rather than publishing utter BS.

The size should be around 40 pages, depending on the final layout. The table of content at the moment looks like this:

  • Medieval Tournaments: The Real Melees – Rich Wilson
  • Settling Disputes: Ordeals and Trials – Mike Monaco
  • Bowmen, Class & War – Shorty Monster
  • Medieval Cooking, or, What’s in that Pie? – Steve Sigety
  • Recipe: Gruel, a la mode of My Mother – myself
  • Pestilence & Putrescence – Jeremy Whalen
  • Leeches, Clysters, and a Hole in the Head: Old School Medicine for Grimmer Games – Mike Monaco
  • On Food Surplus: Cities & Armies – myself
  • The Night Watch – Mike Monaco

I know it seems that Mike Monaco wrote most of it. Mike is, in fact, the author of almost half of the page count.

Burgs & Bailiffs should be done before the end of November and released as a free PDF, a softcover available at cost through POD.

7 thoughts on “Burgs & Bailiffs: Grimness in Process

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    • OK, fixed it.

      1 tablespoon of groats or oatmeal
      2 tablespoons of cold water
      1 pint of boiling water
      1 generous handful of weevils

      Cooking Instructions
      First put the oats, together with the cold water, into a saucepan and mix together until smooth. Then, over this, stirring all the time, pour one pint of boiling water. Now stirring frequently boil for 10 minutes. Season with weevils to taste. Serve.

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