Burgs & Bailiffs: Cities/Warfare Too! Call for Articles!

Hey hey,

The first Burgs & Bailiffs was a good attempt. People liked it, you can buy it on Lulu for very  very cheap and was downloaded by a fair amount of fine nobles, burgers and villeins.

Since the Grimdark Crew can’t stop churning out new and exciting material to enhance the historical verisimilitude of the toils, pain and suffering of your PCs. And therefore your grimacing and fun.

The possible (broad) themes for the second issue are Cities and is Warfare. Feel free to write on any medieval topic though, as long as it’s related to RPGs. Here are the mockups.

Image  BNB2-warfare

Yes, the one on the right is a period comic depicting king Harold dying like a chump.

So, if you want to collaborate write an idea for an article either in the comments or at tsojcanth AT googlemail dawt com. The very rough deadline for article ideas is March 25th and for the first draft is April 22nd. And we are super-easy with deadlines, so if you feel pressured but still want to contribute drop me a line and we’ll arrange something.

Oh, the first issue got a new cover!