Richard runs a lean and mean and incredibly overabundant with awesome pre-colonial, post-Sovietic setting called Tartary using an homebred ruleset partially related to Ars Magica. The game could be called Turkmen & Tartary or Bollywood Mecha and Other South Asian Strangeness. My first PC was a goat engineer. The game is fun. Recently we started pondering whys and wherefores of FLAILSNAILS compatibility, so I felt the need to both write a D&D variant to make it way less level-scaling and small D&D to Ars Tartary conversion thingie.

The rationale is partly to give access to all the toys and partly to have a game that doesn’t scale as much as levels go up.


LEVEL: you still need it. Leave it there.

STATS: stay the same.

HIT POINTS: They are now equal to the average of the hits you normally roll every level and your constitution. For monsters: roll 3d6 for constitution, then do the same. Ignore that wrong feeling in your tummy, it’s ok, Gary sent us.

HITTING THINGS WITH OTHER THINGS, SAVES, THIEVING SKILLS AND ALL THEM THIEVING THIEVES, TURNING UNDEADS: your level and class still give you the appropriate modifiers. If you play one of them thieving thieves, click here.

SPELLS – LEARNING: you can learn ANY spell. You’re not sure that you learned them right though.

SPELLS – MEMORIZATION & CASTING: you have the same spell slots, but ignore the “per spell level” part. Allocate them to spells of any level you know. The following limitations are though in effect:

  • UNIQUE SNOWFLAKE: you are not allowed to cast the same spell twice in a day.
  • I THOUGHT FIREBALLS WERE DIFFERENT FROM THE INSIDE: when you cast a spell of a level that you would not be able to cast at your level in the original game problems can be horrible. SAVE VS SPELLS with a negative modifier equal to the spell level. If you succeed, take 1d6 damage as you get a bit singed. If you fail, the DM needs to switch to douchebag mode and assess what a failure at casting you are. Possibly the fireball explodes 1 metre in front of you. Possibly you just wished yourself dead. Who knows. What’s sure is that you deserved it (maybe).

SPELLS – DAMAGE: this is hairy because the reduced hits. Caster level is divided by three, round up. Fireball is still useful due to area of effect and range, but won’t end the world. Your magic user was never supposed to be a glass cannon, get on with it.


STATS: Take your original stat, subtract 10, divide by 2. CONstitution is now PERception: roll 1d6 – 2 to determine its value.

HIT POINTS: They are now equal to your FLAILSNAILS constitution.

REPUTATION: same as your level.

SKILLS: you PC has FOUR skills: FIGHT at three, a class skill (equal to FIVE plus A THIRD OF YOUR LEVEL, round down), a secondary skill (equal to THREE plus A FOURTH OF YOUR LEVEL) and a hobby (equal to TWO plus A FIFTH OF YOUR LEVEL).  Skills are:

  •  Primary Skill: it has the same name as your class:
    • FIGHTER: hitting things with other things, military engineering, be a badass. You do not have FIGHT but Richard might give you SHOOT at 3 instead.
    • MAGIC-USER: do magic and forbidden lore and casting and being a nerd
    • THIEVING THIEVER: thieving
    • GOD-BOTHERER: not sure. Ask Richard.
    • Ranger, Druid: we never saw any trees for the first 12 sessions.
    • Paladin: go away.
  • Secondary: there’s a list somewhere.
  • Hobby: pick Music, Paint, Juggle or some other thing.

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