Western League FLAILSNAILS session 2: from LakeEnd to the Border and fro and to and fro and to again

So again the League was subjected to the abuse of FLAILSNAILING PCs.

Characters: Etan (Fighter 5?, ran by Kyrinn) and her goon, Arlana the Preacher (Caster 1, ran by Lisa), Valentine the Clearly Not A Black Mage Why Do you Ask (Caster 3, ran by Chris).


So, the party groups up in LakeEnd and decides to head up to the location of the last session’s massacre, an tower in a cavern by a river under a mountain (yes, exactly). So they follow again the road east (their path is highlighted in bright pink on the map) and, while camping for the night at the dead village of Eastfields. Overnight they meet a merchant (totes not a merchant, I rolled a 5 in the Countryside Nighttime Encounter Table from Burgs & Bailiffs) going through the village with 5 pack ponies. They insist in following him to “escort” him and then “be introduced to friends”. After some more discussion (mostly about how Etan brutally killed Wolf (a local bandit leader that somehow escaped death since session 2 of 5 campaigns ago) apparently using only a Glove of Mending) the PCs reach town but, instead of walking through the heavily fortified East Gate they’re ferried with the pony-load straight to Isleton (that island south of town).

Lake End Map - Wester League - Six Cities Setting

Now, Isleton is a horrible place. The streets are often red with blood. Gangs own it. The guards don’t ever bother to even go to the darn place. And it’s not like they’re ferried to a public pier because there are no such things in Isleton. They are all private. The pier they land at leads straight to a warehouse, where after more “I killed Wolf and he screamed like a little kid”-style bragging with John-John and Merchant Flynn (two of the best honourable businessmen in town) the party got offered to recover some prisoners from the border fort east of town (labeled Border Fort) and is given a bag of coins (5000 silver thalers) as a mixed advance payment, reward for killing Wolf and protection money for the merchant.

Now, the party leaves the hive of bad mafia stereotypes and goes to the Red Forge Inn, which is a tranquil inn just inside of the West Gate. Tranquil except for the forge across the courtyard, but at least you won’t get stabbed if you’re not educate with someone at the bar, most probably. After bathing, eating, sleeping and breakfast, the party notices that there are a handful of goons outside that might want to stab them good.

So Etan goes out, says something like “come get some” making one of them run away, then punches in the throat another, knocking him out, gets a battle blessing from Arlana, then Valentine makes them all doozy and sleepy and, long story short, after some threatening the party discovers that those 6 are what’s left of the Fangs (Wolf’s band; the party killed the rest last session) and that they wanted to get their revenge but sure, thanks for not killing us while we were asleep,  if you say you’re the new boss it’s fine by us. So some logistics happen and the party is brought to the Fangs’ town hideout (an attic overlooking the citadel) and some naming happens (the Fangs are assigned names like Dire Badger, Black Bow, Coffee Boy and so on). Then they go to Flynn’s, tell him that Etan is taking over the Fangs and thats cool with Flynn. Flynn also throws in two henchmen on the party’s request (later called Frank and Beans) and fords them across the river.

So, until now the party gained a bag of coins and 7 goons. Which is fine. Second part later.

2 thoughts on “Western League FLAILSNAILS session 2: from LakeEnd to the Border and fro and to and fro and to again

    • Last night me and Chris had some play-by-chat about his dealings with some nefarious spellcasters and i was to sleepy to complete at that point 😀

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