News – Kefitzah Haderech Review, Covers and new AFG Revision

Haven’t posted here in a while because I’ve been busy with writing and, well, having a trip to the Scottish Highlands. This is just outside Glen Coe.


But I’ve been otherwise productive! I swear! And I have news!

First of all Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor and read the┬áreview of Kefitzah Haderech. While you’re there also grab Knowledge Illuminates.

Second, I finally acquired the physical cover for Chthonic Codex, and this is one of the mock covers I made to “feel” the layout.


I’ve mocked up a few versions of it and put them up here. I want to hear your opinion, leave your feedback in the comments here or on Plus. ­čÖé

Third, the last Adventure Fantasy Game editing round/revision/layout has been completed thanks to the always awesome┬áTim Snider and Richard G. This means I should be shipping them this week. And there’s a new cover because I liked the one i did for Kefitzah Haderech and have decided to do all covers in a similar way.


Available in PDF + Source and in Print + PDF + Source.