Adventure Fantasy Game – Second Printing is OUT

And it’s better, with a bit more content, and much much better editing and a redesigned cover.


Also, cheaper!

The softcover is 14.99$ (down about 30%), 108 A5 pages, new matte cover, printed on specially chosen natural white paper (which means that it’s off-white but easier on the eyes). And the PDF and source are included, of course.

The PDF is 5.99$ (down about 15%) and, well, comes with the source. At the moment the source is a bit over the place but if you are really in a rush to compile some badly written and hacky LaTex, write me.

You can download the free preview covering character creation and the 5MORE task resolution system.

If you bought AFG before, printed or PDF, I have news for you:

  • you should have received an email with the eight revision of the PDF, AFG-R8. If you haven’t, email me at tsojcanth where the google mail service is. I’m working on some kind of software to allow customers to download updated releases as they come out but, heh, testing.
  • you can buy a copy at a discounted rate (9$). This option is also available if wou want to buy two copies of the handbook.

Hardcovers are not available yet. Why?

  1. My printer does not do hardcovers.
  2. Printing AFG on PoD is not doable because the adventure colour map requires the whole handbook to be printed in colour and, therefore, to cost a kidney. I might release a hardcover version sans colour map. Also Lulu does not do print+pdf bundles and that is supremely annoying.
  3. I might release handbound versions with gilding and sleevedust but I’m being really really wary of offering them because binding books is actually hard work. Asking nicely does not hurt, but if it happens it’s going to be expensive.

2 thoughts on “Adventure Fantasy Game – Second Printing is OUT

  1. Impressive work Paolo, most impressive. I see what I can do about it ASAP, but I do need a tryout. I’d like to get Donald involvedl

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