Chthonic Codex: The School of Necromancy

The School of Necromancy fame reaches far beyond the Fire Valley, and for all the right reasons. Fortunately our internal discourse and, for lack of a better term, disagreement, is not that well known.

This is the first post on the Five Great Schools of the Fire Valley, the setting of the Chthonic Codex. I hope to shed some light on actually what the schools are about, and to do it in the style of the book. The text is presented as a mix of a corpus consisting of scroll fragments recovered from the Fire Valley and glosses giving context and game mechanics.


Deleterios I Apostate

Decades passed since the Apotheosis of Deleterios I Apostate, but his betrayal still causes disturbances. What he did is beyond reproach and reconciliation, his name cursed in eternity. His blasphemous support for reformism and the abandonment of our traditions of power through terror goes against what this Great School stands for. 

The Reformist faction in the school held the opinion that raising armies of undeads was not the best way to gain power, that it was too conspicuous and that, like already happened in the past, compromised the future of the discipline should new wars be declared on all necromancers. Deleterios I, before becoming Grand Sorcerer of the Fire Valley, was a reformist.

Shame on the School will live in perpetuity! His name will shame us forever from the annals of the Fire Valley!

Grand Sorcerers, during their Apotheosis, are known by the traditional name of the school they came from. The School of Necromancy traditional name is Skotos. The apostacy of picking a different name was totally unheard of before Deleterios, and caused a big scandal.

Fortunately we got over that bad spell now.

The post-apotheosis turmoil lasted decades. About three quarters of the School’s staff and students killed each other. Often more than once.

And it’s with extreme rejoicing that I look at you all now, wearing your newly acquired Bone Signet and holding your Drink of Immortality, ready to use our knowledge for the pursuit of Eternal Power. The future of this world is ours.

Each Great School has a Secret Golden Mystery, for the School of Necromancy it’s the Drink of Immortality. It’s a deadly poison brewed from the brewer’s blood, fennel and other unwholesome ingredients. Effects are as follow:

  • The first time the drinker dies they will become a undead after 1d6 rounds.
  • When drunk, immediately SAVE OR DIE. And become an undead in 1d6 rounds, of course, because the Drink still works.

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