Kefitzah Haderech reviews, Adventure Fantasy Game preview


Kefitzah Haderech, more commonly known in the OSR as the “book of portals” because it’s easier, has been reviewed at Gothridge ManorWampus Country and Heropress.

And this means that I ran out of stock of the print version. Of course the PDF is still available, plus you can always preorder the second printing (and get the PDF thrown in anyway for good measure).

Why out of print?

Well, there are two good reasons:

  • The first print run was in retrospect truly tiny, but I remember thinking “I’ll never manage to sell more than this”. Oh well.
  • I’m not going to be in Glasgow for a bit, so I can’t productively talk to my printer, look at proofs, nor have the software to do a necessary couple of tweaks to the files.

I should be able to ship the second print run around the 16th of July.

Second topic: the Adventure Fantasy Game preview. The preview is a 25 pages excerpt of the handbook containing the first two whole chapters – character generation and the 5MORE task resolution system – plus 5MAIL, the introductory combat rules. You can point your players at the files and they’ll be able to generate a character, read the (really short) game mechanics and be ready to roll.

2 thoughts on “Kefitzah Haderech reviews, Adventure Fantasy Game preview

  1. Selling out (of published material, not principles naturally) is a good kind of problem to have. Congratulations.

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