Almanack of Peris and Environs: map and crowdsourcing.

Not much is known about the village of Peris, but we have a map of its environs.


Thing is, I wanted to exercise a bit my drawing. But since I’ve finished it it, I’d like to put it to good use. So it would be cool if you dear reader sent me:

  • monsters
  • locales
  • classes
  • object
  • dungeons
  • local foods and drinks
  • whatnots
  • maybe even a full setting.

Then it will all be mashed up and published as the Almanack of Peris and Environs, “soon” to be published by your truly, containing the edited, collected submissions.

Of all the submissions I’ll choose the two best (aided by Chris, pizza and beer), give them 30$ of credit toward stuff I publish and publish them completely.

Better scan to follow up soon: it’s drawn on an A1 sheet, and I have only an A4 scanner…