Almanack of Peris: deadline and a list of the relevant and peculiar locations

The map of the Almanack of Peris shows many locales. The contest is about you describing the campaign. Two winners will get 30$ worth of Lost Pages swag (did I mention we do handbound PoD too?). The deadline is AUGUST 31ST 2013, NOON UTC.

Suggestions for submissions:

  • monsters
  • locales
  • classes
  • objects
  • dungeons
  • traditions
  • art
  • maybe even a full setting

To make the job of the contestant easier, I made a list of all the locales on the map, broken by quadrant. There are 5 quadrants: NW, NE, SW, SE plus the area around Peris itself.


Quadrant NW

  • Vale of the Festival
  • Anaton – a city
  • the upper river Anaton – the longest river of the land
  • The Blue Dome
  • an Iron Pillar
  • and an iron road between them
  • Tower of Argl
  • Home of the Hungry God
  • Biaz – a town
  • High Biaz – a village, with a fortress
  • Devil’s Hill
  • a sign pointing north: “Realm of the Tiger Queen”

Quadrant NE

  • the lower river Anaton
  • Tree of Time
  • Cairn of the Blue Gate
  • two Blue Pillars
  • and an iron road linking them
  • the Bog of Kerr
  • Chained Sisters
  • Miners’ Valley
  • Iba – an hamlet
  • Red Copse
  • Kha – a fortress
  • Alteb – a town
  • Tower of Tally
  • Woroton – a town
  • Ziti – an hamlet
  • Fort Ziti
  • the Glass Wastes

Quadrant SW

  • the upper river Rheu
  • Ruins of Old Rheu – an ancient city, flooded by a swamp
  • Fort Rheu
  • New Rheu – a town
  • Inn of the Stork
  • Tower of Reienef
  • a sign pointing west: “to Grencia”
  • Spirint King Peak
  • the Spirit river
  • Tower of Nue
  • a sign pointing southwest: “to Orpal”
  • Tower of Obar
  • the Canyon of Them
  • Gnoles Woods
  • the source of the river Fakě

Quadrant SE

  • the lower river Rheu
  • Lake Rheu
  • City of Eptek – the biggest city of the land
  • Hermitage of the Red Major
  • Tower of the Red Bishop
  • Edel – a village
  • Ersi – a town
  • Fyrt – a village
  • the Sanctuary of Rudian
  • The School of Fakery
  • Uba – a tower
  • Tower of Balo
  • a sign posting southwest: “to [blank]”. This is for you to decide.

Peris Quadrant

  • House of R’S’N
  • by the biggest giant white megalith
  • Chasm of C’X’L’
  • by the tallest giant white megalith
  • Great Altar of S’T’N’
  • by the widest giant white megalith
  • the Pyramid of P’R’N’
  • by the smallest, but still giant, white megalith
  • the Hut of Bagigi
  • the Gazebo of Yum
  • the Rainbow Pool
  • a Soul Corral
  • a big tree. like, big
  • Peris – a town

2 thoughts on “Almanack of Peris: deadline and a list of the relevant and peculiar locations

  1. What a great idea. Will see what I can come up with … did you have a preference regarding how dark, comic/gonzo, or heroic, you are going for?

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