Last two copies of Adventure Fantasy Game R8 left, AFG-R9 Request For Comments

Hey you all,

First thing first, the second printing of AFG (R8), is almost sold out. You can grab a copy at the Lost Pages store.

Thanks to everyone that bought a copy! I hope you are enjoying the game as much as I do. 🙂

Second, it would be awesome if you let me know what you would like to be changed, or added or removed from the new revision, AFG-R9. I’ll most definitely massage the critical hits table, most probably add some spells and very probably reduce the insane amount of successes for developing Secret Weapon Techniques. Maybe a few more illustrationss will appear here and there. Expected completion date: early December, books delivered in January (have you tried international shipping in December? Tip: don’t). Somewhat optimistic completion date: mid November, shipped late November. At any rate I should show up at Dragonmeet with a few copies.

This also means that AFG-R9 preorders are open. Just go to the AFG store page and add a “preorder” to your cart, then checkout.

In related news: Chthonic Codex Volume 1 – Cryptic Creatures is almost completely written and laid out. It should come out before AFG-R9. Fingers crossed 🙂

8 thoughts on “Last two copies of Adventure Fantasy Game R8 left, AFG-R9 Request For Comments

  1. Some clarification on exactly what Additional Hits are under the FC calculation. It took me a while to puzzle this out, and of course it seems very clear to me now, but it did cause me some head scratching on the first read through. Also repeating the Level to Tier chart under this section would be helpful as well and make the example easier to follow.

  2. I would like to get some MOSTROTRON extra tables for generic monsters flavor (especially those without abilities). Behavior, equipment style, color etc. I could use awesome Random Esoteric Creature Generator but if MOSTROTRON exists already why not?

    Also I had bit of trouble with understanding rolling for type and armor. Do I roll only one dice for both(so that humanoids will be without armor or in light only) or one for type and one for armor(why armoured would exists then)? I could modify armor rolled by humanoids but I am asking dices for inspiration in first place.

    FC has been already mentioned so its good to see it will be improved.

    • re: armour: the monster type and armour are rolled separately. I’ll make it more explicit.
      re: flavour: I’m a bit torn about that, as it would make the core book bigger and more setting-specific. It’s something for a compendium, but will probably get around to it at some point.
      re: FC: ok, we’re slowly hurtling toward the seventeenth version of that section 😉

      • Monster flavor bits could be quite generic:
        1. Rags 2. Filthy 3. Decent 4. Adapted* 5. Fancy 6. Ritualistic/Spiritual/Magicial
        *for travel/job.
        1. Tools of trade 2. Junk 3.Weapon 4. Culture specific 5. Travelling 6. Lack of it
        Animal specific features
        1.Distinctive skin 2. Outgrowth* 3. Distinctive sounds 4. Hybrid 5. Distinctive smell 6. Camouflage
        *I cant find right word for it. I mean creature could get horn/spikes over body/tusks or something else.

        And so on. Keeping this in few tables could be a bit though.

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