Preorders open: Chthonic Codex vol I: Cryptic Creatures, Pergamino Barocco Paperback

Hey you all,

Two products are prereleased today, and are available for preorders:

First, Chthonic Codex – volume 1: Cryptic Creatures. It comes in PDF, Print + PDF and three limited editions: Boxed Set + PDF, Codex Edition and Boxed plus Codex Edition.  The fancy limited edition will be shipped next year, while the rest should be shipped within the next 2 weeks. It’s the monster manual of the Chthonic Codex setting, as well as being a stand alone monster book for Swords & Wizardry and other retroclones and Adventure Fantasy Game.

cc vol 1-cover-small

Second, the Pergamino Barocco, paperback edition! PDF or Print and PDF! This cover might not be final, but it’s going to be reasonably close to the final version.

cover small

And, last, here’s the new Lost Pages website. I’ll keep all my product information there.