Pay What You Want for Adventure Fantasy Game

First, Adventure Fantasy Game is now available as “Pay What You Want” on RPGNOW. If you don’t have a copy, why not getting it now? At the very least you get a bucket of new spells usable with your favourite old school game, a sweet critical hits table, MOSTROTRON, 36 new magic items and a 14 pages sandbox. It’s a good deal.

2 thoughts on “Pay What You Want for Adventure Fantasy Game

  1. Of course the author has already kindly sent me this pdf, but this game really does deserve some attention. I’m having more fun making spells and Monsters for AFG than I have for anything since Mythic. I’m really impressed by how well it can work with spells I’ve designed or modified for other systems, Renaissance Deluxe, Call of Cthulu and D&D all have some of my favorite spells and its not taken too much effort to figure out how to use them (a good rule of thumb for most BRP derived systems is Magnitude ×2, though that sort of flies of the window with Cthulu spells).

    • Aw man, thanks 🙂
      I like what you’re doing with it.
      And you have a much different voice and fill it with very different things while still being very AFG.

      And, beyond simply having fun with it, is what shows the validity of a game system. So, yeah, awesome.

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