Pharmacopeia and Kickstarter

Earlier on today I wrote a longish post on why I’m not using Kickstarter for the Chthonic Codex. The reasons are:

  • it costs money
  • I don’t really need much money upfront (I take Codex preorders but only because I’m doing limited editions)
  • I’m doing this because of love, you can keep your hype.

So, that’s it. I’m paying the Joesky tax showing a bit of Codex, the Herbalism rules. They are part of the Pharmacy section.


Due to my bad health and consequent lack of sleep the release date of Academia Apocrypha might slip a bit. But maybe I’ll manage to release the PDF this weekend.

7 thoughts on “Pharmacopeia and Kickstarter

  1. How would one utilize this food AFG? Would the abilities replace spells in total, or spells of a given level? I like this class and would like to adapt it to my deities.
    I’ve got a 4th level spell with Bacchanalia in mind, “Dance of Shindra & Losborst”, statistics for AFG here:

    • Did you mean to comment about the schools’ Golden Secrets (extra abilities)? Because these herbalism rules are unrelated and totally an aside/option.
      Anyway, school secrets are just on top of the spells. You can decide that to learn them the caster has to do things, and that’s totally fine and somewhat expected. There are more explanations in CC:AA.
      BTW, reading your spells gave me ideas. I’ll post an article about how to design AFG magic traditions later on this week (and finally link you, meant to do it earlier on this week, soz).

      • I totally commented on the wrong post somehow, I meant to ask about the Maenad class. I want to use it in At buying not clear on how the abilities are treated in relation to spell acquisition.

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