XpertCliques: another AFG blog

TL;DR: new AFG blog at http://xpertcliques.wordpress.com by kaneofmelnibone. Very different voice and setting, same AFG spirit.

Longer form: Writing aches. Which is why this blog is not updated often. I prefer writing longer content.

This is why there’s not much original Adventure Fantasy Game material on the blog. Fortunately AFG runs very well using D&D and other clones material without adaptation, so it’s not a real problem. But sometimes you want the AFG stuff. And I have good news.

Kaneofmelnibone started toying with AFG, we started to have a wee discussion on a few topics, and he started putting out very good content at his blog http://xpertcliques.wordpress.com

For the time being there are a few monsters, spells, cults and a new setting. There are some yet unpublished bits that make me even more excited.

Kaneofmelnibone does AFG uncannily well. First, all the material is very good, but that’s not the uncanny part.

The uncanny part is that while we clearly do not share the same authoral voice, nor the material is something I would have written, he gets AFG so well that I completely agree on all the implementation of the crunchy bits. And the fluff very definitely agrees with me too.

So if you fancy reading what can be done with AFG, add XpertCliques to your blogroll.

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