On Published Dungeons & Adventure Fantasy Game: leveling thorugh XPs

TL;DR: PCs level at 1000, 2000, 4000… XP. Award 1 XP per thaler/coin of the realm, for defeated monsters 50 for each level, split equally. Ignore Level by Accomplishments and Looting, instead grant other perks.

Long form: Sometimes you want to run a published dungeon and don’t want to frame in Treasure Troves, or your players just want to dick about, murderhoboing in the wilderness. Accomplishments can be suited to this kind of play, but players not being in the campaign all the time have problems being around when Treasure Troves are looted or Accomplishments completed.

Experience Points are good for this kind of stuff. So, award XP this way, and split it equally between survivors:

  • for defeating monsters, 50 XP per monster level
  • for looting treasure, 1 XP per thaler/coin of the realm or equivalent if looted in a risky way. Goods gained in risky ways XP only if it fits the theme. For example Chthonic Codex research notes award XP based on their nominal value, if looted in risky ways. In Western League/Uplands/Estera rustling awards XPs equal to the value of the stolen beasts.
  • for finding special locations of specialness and wrapping up “adventures” neatly, from 250 upwards
  • for surviving other awesome danger of other kind, 50-100 XP per character

Level two is gained at 1000 XP, level 3 at 2000, then doubling up each level. If you want you can cap the XP needed to gain the next level at 125000 or 250000 or whatever you prefer.

When PCs complete an Accomplishment, never award the “gain a level” perk. That’s it.

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