So, I got proofs from the printer today. They look real good. Much better printed than lulu. The covers in the picture below will look different because the matte finish has not been applied yet. And the third book does not have a cover yet, but as you can see they would not differ that much (except in the back).


(Pictured, my keys and a shoe for scale. Yes, that’s a crocheded moebius strip on my carabineer)

Now, let me say I’m really happy with Academia Apocrypha. It came out exactly like I wanted, and that’s very rare. But I’m even happier about Mysteries & Mystagogues. It’s above and beyond what I expected. It’s definitely a weird little book, the odd of the bunch. It doesn’t have a d666 table, but it rolls Lost Pages style. Also, while helpful for campaign building and running, it is really more a crutch than a handbook.

And, by the way, I’m off two weeks in Japan. The store is shut down until I’m back.

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