The status of the Orders

A little status update:

My printer dude is really late. Their binding machine broke down. This has been going on for waaay too long. This means:
First, if you want a refund, remember its always OK.
Second, I might have to find another printer. This has been going on for toooo looong. Exactly a month. OK, in the meantime the local Art Academy went on fire during finals with all the student projects and dissertations inside,  so they had to print a whole gigantic amount of things. But now this is getting a bit ridiculous. I might have to find a new printer. This is the reason why I disabled orders for printed stuff at the web shop. PDFs are still available. The paradox about all this is that the only thing I can reliably print (well, at a quality that pleases me) is the boxed set. Using fifteenth century technology. I don’t want to ditch the local printer because, except for being incredibly late, I have total control over the operation, been a client for years, etc etc.
Third, I’m really really sorry. This lateness is an incredible downer. I’m putting together some extra material for all you people that preordered. I’m really, really sorry.



Fourth: the pictures above are from a prototype of the codex edition. That’s the baaad prototype that is used for all the experiments and ends up looking ass-ugly. I’ve been experimenting with decoration and binding and wood treatment and some interesting things have been happening. More pictures when I get back from the continent (the 22nd).
Fifth: the third book of Chthonic Codex: Mysteries & Mystagogues, is available on the web shop. Its not your usual dungeon master guide… it’s a campaign book. With almost no exposition. Or explanations. Because there is no explanation to be given. This means its almost all crunch, and it’s meant to be used at the table by the referee to make awesome happen.
Sixth, if you ordered a Codex + Boxed set edition, you will receive some custom content. You should receive an email later on today. If you do not, please write me.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much it.

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