Casters in Quest of the Ancients

Second episode of my “Casters In…” serie.

Quest of the Ancients is an old D&D clone. It’s close enough to be fully compatible yet distinct enough to be it’s own thing.

For example, there’s a split between stamina (hit points), which are depleted first, and body points (equal to Constitution IIRC), but armour reduces body damage. And there are a bucket of classes. And the classes… well, take a look at the Cossack:


And, more poignant, the Sorcerer:


What’s the deal with these Spell Slots?

They can be spent, every day, to either:

  • to memorize a spell of a given level
  • to cast a spell of a given level

So a level 2 sorcerer can:

  • memorize a spell, cast it thrice
  • memorize three spells, cast any once per day
  • memorize two spells, cast any twice per day, including the same spell twice

This is cool as it allows more choices to players, if that’s what floats their boats.

Spells also have some other rules: a spell takes effect in the initiative order of its level, all fingers spells cast as if they were level 1.

it’s possible to cast in melee only spells that do not require dexterity (somatic components in AD&D parlance).

If a caster takes stamina damage, they must roll an intelligence check to avoid wasting the spell. For body damage, a luck check (a save) with a penalty equal to the body points lost.

QotA also has instantaneous spells. it’s possible to cast one such spell per initiative phase if otherwise non busy.

One last word on spell selection: there are many weird, interesting spells. Witches throw explosive jack’o’lanterns, druids throw corn cobs and make them explode with the Popcorn spell, sages can use candles as flaming swords by extending the flame.

And necromancers… let me tell you only a couple of level 1 spells, just to showcase how our ideas of game balance are very tied to the tradition we belong to:

  • healing: heals 4d6 stamina or 2d6 body
  • create skeleton: the spell raises 1 skeleton + 1 for two levels, permanently. No component cost.

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