Enter the Dungeon Fuck Yeah

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a multiplyer online RPG for a while. It’s something I was really into ten years ago, but then I started studying again, and had to work full time too, so I really didn’t have much time to spare. Then Lost Pages arrived, and I definitely kept on not having much free time.
Anyway, today I went out for a coffee and took some notes. And now I’ll try to make some sense out of it:
Enter The Dungeon Fuck Yeah is going to be a browser game. The technoloy will be node.js for the server and a browser supporting canvas and websockets for the client. I have experience with this kind of setup (I prototyped an RTS using the same solution for 7DRTS last year), it works fine.
It’s going to be free to play. Even if I introduce donations, I don’t want to let people buy their swanky equipment with real monies.
Gameplay will be hexcrawly for the ovverland map and room-based for the dungeons. By “room based” I mean that a movement ation brings a character from a room to one of the next rooms: inside a room there’s no finer location (except in combat, described later). Basically, a pointcrawl with a location per each room. Characters can move individually but it’s possible to form a group: this way, when the leader moves, everybody follows.
The game will be the typical OSR fare: go in with your group, steal treasures from the dungeon, try to get back alive. Experience will be granted in part for killing monsters, but most of it for liberating treasure. Treasure will be a special type of object that needs to be brought out, but it will slow down the character (as does armour), which with this kind of abstract pointcrawly movement means moving less frequently. And, of course, less chances of outrunning pursuers.
Combat happens when characters stumble into monsters. At this point a mockup would be ideal, but I have nothing to show. At any rate, all participants get an action every round. The actions at the moment are:
RANK: switch between front rank and back rank. Back rank can melee only with polearms but can’t easily be attacked in melee either. If the front rank is all gone, the back rank becomes the front rank. And that would be a TPK waiting to happen.
MELEE: attack an opponent in the front rank.
MISSILE: attack any opponent. From the front rank only throwing weapons are usable for a missile attack. No bows in melee. Flaming oil will be there.
MAGIC: do magic stuff. Mechanics TBD but probably will be something similar to either Empire of the Petal Throne or something mana-based. Or both.
BACKSTAB: thieves can risk doing that thing that makes daggers appear from the chests of enemies. Or die trying.
FLEE: run away from combat. If someone is still fighting it has greater chances of working. Less encumbrance helps.

Now, the dungeon: i’ll start with something minimal. A goblin den. The den has many rooms and a bucket of goblins inside. And traps. And there are two special rooms: the LAIR where goblins spawn and the BOSS ROOM where the goblin king and its treasure is.
Now, if the king is alive, the goblins fight better. But if there are many goblins and the king dies, there’s a big chance that a new king will rise. So if players want to kill goblins and take the treasure, they are better off maybe killing some goblins to weaken the tribe, then kill the king and take its treasure, so that no other king will chase as they try to leave the dungeon. A goblin den with a king will also increase the chances of meeting goblins in the hexcrawl map.

Now, the goblin cast:
GOB: a normal stinky, flimsy goblin
SLINGOB: a goblin with a sling, second rank fighter. They attack characters at random.
HUNGOB: a goblin with a bow. They attack either the character with less HP or the less armoured.
FIREGOB: a goblin with a big jar of flaming oil. Boom.
GOBARD: a goblin bard. very lewd songs. better fighting chances for goblins.
DOGOB: a worg. chases fleeing characters and bark attracting goblins
MAGOB: a goblin mage. Uses a magic box or a magic die. Random effects are always amazing.
GOBRE: a big deformed goblin. big fists and big maws.
HOLYGOBARCH: does some holy magic, can sacrifice goblins to create cool effects
KINGOB: the king. Sits on the treasure. Bigger than other goblins, makes them more motivated.

3 thoughts on “Enter the Dungeon Fuck Yeah

  1. Sounds like an excellent project to work on after B&B III is finished. Wait, did I type that out loud? 😛

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